A Child's Life

$5,000 can help a resident of The Faine House obtain a year of vocational training or education.

can help provide a month’s residency for a resident of The Faine House.

can help provide a resident of The Faine House appropriate attire for school or employment for one year.


Pathway to Success

At The Faine House, we believe there are 5 essential steps for changing the path of an at-risk teen.  When they receive the positive cultural, cognitive, emotional and social support necessary for mastering life skills, they become empowered to enter our community as confident, productive adults.


  • Assistance with school enrollment
  • Transportation options for school/vocational programs
  • Tutoring and after-school services
  • Computers and internet access for homework and online classes


  • Safe, short-term housing at The Faine House
  • Help in obtaining safe, affordable housing off-site for program graduates
  • Training in basic tenant laws and rights
  • Supply of basic household items
  • Assistance with obtaining reliable transportation


  • Local job resources and placement options
  • Resume writing, job application and interview training
  • Local employers and mentor connections
  • Appropriate work attire for interviews and employment
  • Community volunteer hours for those students not yet employed


  • Connection to appropriate healthcare providers
  • On-site clinician, provided by Children's Home Society of Florida, for individual and group counseling needs
  • Emergency and safety skills training
  • Personal hygiene and prevenative healthcare training
  • Healthy lifestyle training, on topics including the benefits of exercise, healthy food choices, shopping and preparation
  • Networking opportunities with community role models 


  • Money management, financial literacy and budgeting education
  • Development of a budget plan
  • Assistance understanding legal contracts, credit cards and loans

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