A Child's Life

Realities for youth formerly in foster care:

33% will be homeless within three years
66% will drop out of high school
50% will be unemployed
60% will have babies within four years

We offer something else: HOPE

Change One Life, Change The World

In Central Florida, 225 teenagers in foster care will turn 18 this year. Assistance from the state of Florida will end and they'll be left with nowhere to go and no one to help. Without help and guidance, many will face a lifetime of dependency–welfare, jail, homelessness.

There is another path. A path to success that begins at the doors of The Faine House.



"I was adopted by loving, supportive parents. When I learned more about the children who weren't as fortunate-–those who exited the foster care system at age 18-–I knew this was the ideal opportunity to not only help make a difference in their lives, but in the community as a whole. In 2009, Children's Home Society of Florida and I came together for a common purpose–-to give these at-risk young adults a chance at leading a productive, fulfilling life. The Faine House will make a meaningful and lasting change by teaching independent living skills while providing a safe, stable place to live."

-Jeff Faine, entrepreneur, philanthropist,
10-year NFL veteran


Steps To Success

At The Faine House, we believe there are five essential steps to change the path of an at-risk young adult: education, housing & transportation, employment, health & wellness and personal finance. Upon move-in, residents craft a Life Plan to guide their progress. Taking each step together, The Faine House assists in their growth. Through the development of each life skill, residents progress, become empowered and enter our community as confident adults.






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to make The Faine House what it is today!

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